Women-Led Business Support in Nepal (June 2023-Ongoing) – MicroSave


Women Act organized a high level two day’s National Conference on Post-earthquake Recovery & Reconstruction Interventions: Sharing of Information & Lessons Learned in Kathmandu from 26-27 June, 2016. Major themes of the conference were; (i) psychosocial impact of earthquake: interventions made and challenges ahead (ii) addressing increasing trends of GBV (crimes like trafficking, unsafe

Constitutional Assessment on Women’s Equality (2018) – CAWE/International IDEA


In order to enable evidence-based advocacy, as well as a deeper understanding of the constitution and its relationship to women’s rights and equality, Women Act, with the support from International IDEA, implemented Constitutional Assessment on Women’s Equality project in 2018. Through series of activities across seven provinces of Nepal, the project analyzed the constitution from

Establishment of Women’s Resource Center (2018-2020)


Women Act has started establishing an integrated Women’s Resource Center (WRC). This resource center will provide information and offer accessiblelearning resourceson women and their contributions to various sectors such as politics, health, governance, education, gender equality and social inclusion. WRC will be a great learning forum for women, women’s organizations, researchers, scholars etc. A lot

Community-based Livelihoods Support Project for Disaster Affected and Vulnerable Women (2015-Ongoing) – Private Sector Donors


The Community-Based Livelihoods Support Project for Disaster Affected and Vulnerable Women, initiated by Women Act, is a commendable endeavor aimed at promoting economic empowerment and restoring the livelihoods of women who have been impacted by various disasters. As part of Women Act's broader Private Sector Partnership for Gender Equality campaign, this project has been

Private Sector Partnerships (PSP) Campaign for Gender Equality (2016-Ongoing) – Private Sector Actors/Donors


Private sector can make a difference on all levels of women's economic empowerment and in promoting gender equality. Hence, Women Act has initiated a campaign called Private Sector Partnerships for Gender Equality. The aim of the campaign is to engage and involve private sector for the promotion of gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.

Capacity Building Project for Elected Women Representatives and Functionaries (2017-Ongoing) – Municipal Governments


The local elections in Nepal have led to a significant increase in the representation of women in government. However, the elected women representatives face challenges due to their lack of experience and knowledge about government procedures and systems. They are not fully aware of their roles and responsibilities because they do not have access

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