Women in Nepal have limited opportunities than men to access cash income sources, both from agricultural and non-agricultural activities. Hence, women’s economic empowerment is a key to gender equality and poverty reduction in Nepal.

We are working for women’s economic empowerment through small-scale livelihood support initiatives and for that we have established Women’s Economic Empowerment Fund. We have been providing livelihood support to the poor women of rural villages through this Fund. We especially distribute Goats, Hens, Pigs, and Sewing Machines etc. to the needy women of rural villages and earthquake affected families targeting girls and women. This has been significantly contributing to the economic advancement of rural women by directly increasing their incomes.

Please support our work and help our women thrive. You can donate to our Women’s Economic Empowerment Fund by contacting us or depositing the fund in our below Bank account:

Name: Women Act
Account No.: 03-23-00001974-524
Bank Name: Bank of Kathmandu
Address: Kathmandu, Nepal