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It was in 2007, through a series of workshops among the active women from different networks conducted by CEDPA, the participants felt a need to establish a network coordinating the women based NGOs. As such, Women Act (WA) came into existence and extended its horizon of social networks. It was the time when Nepal was in a transit period of peace talks and new constitution making process, Women Act (WA) started carrying out different women centered programs to aware and advocate for ensuring women’s rights in the upcoming constitution. With the support of various organizations, WA was gradually stepping ahead by making its name and fame in the social arena of Nepal. In 2009, the valuable experiences from The Asia Foundation (TAF) funded Town Hall Meetings (THM's) with community women and youths on legislative dialogues for collecting recommendations for the draft bills of various acts in Nepal, have helped WA grooming as a strong social organization to work in the community networks and equally helped to approach the policy level advocacy. Likewise, in 2012, the NEKORPA funded programs for the Zero waste management in Pharping area, a sacred and religious place of Kathmandu, WA went ahead by involving local women and youths to clean the surroundings, segregate the wastes for making compost fertilizers and recycle the plastic bottles. As a result, WA was successful to build a pair of community toilets out of the plastic bottles and encouraged the local communities to follow the example.  

Well trained staffs and board of members of WA has been a strong asset for working in the communities more focused and dedicated.

Similarly, WA has worked for the UNDP/SPCBN funded programs on various issues in relation to the women's rights and empowerment involving CA Members in Discussions in 2013.  These all experiences have led WA to stand alone as one of the active, dedicated and women friendly social organizations at present.

Recent Events
 WA continues relief support in the affected areas. WA continues relief support in the affected areas.

Posted Date: 2015-05-31

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Success Stories
national Successful stories from Round Table Discussions (RTD's) & Sharing & Dissemination of Public Recommendations (SDPR's)

Posted Date: 2015-09-14

After series of Town Hall Meetings (THM's) completed in 23 districts of Nepal, Women Act (WA) organized Round Table Discussions (RTD's) and Sharing & Dissemination of Public Recommendations (SD...

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