Board Of Directors

Women Acts (WA) consists of a very well trained and experienced team of women from various backgrounds and perspectives. They are is as follows;

Ms. Srijana Adhikari

M.A. in Sociology and Rural Development and LLB
15 years experience in activism and development

Ms. Adhikari is a youth social activist and has been working for the women's right and empowerment and the youth activism for the last 15 years. She had worked as a consultant for CEDPA Nepal for years. In the mean time she organized workshops on 'What to expect' and 'Women and constitution making process for the upcoming constitution' which induced her to form Women Act (WA) as a loose network of 35 other women headed social organizations. In course of continuous campaigns and programs on behalf of the women in Nepal, she felt a need to establish it as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) which is now emerged as Women Act in the present context.

During her participation in various National & International workshops, trainings and conferences, she has been to Portugal, USA, England, France, Germany, Austria, Burma, Spain, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Thailand, China, Philippines, Singapore, Holland and India.

Her most appreciative visit to the US as representing Nepal for I.V.P program of the American Government's training- 'Women Led' organized by CEDPA in 2004. In 2006, she also got an opportunity to represent as a South Asian Student for participating in the donors' conference meeting in the UK organized by DFID. She has made a state visit to China to observe the World Trade Expo in China in 2011 and helped Women Act introduced in the international communities as well.


Ms. Anju KC
General Secretary

Masters Degree in Economics
20 years experience in Social Development

Ms. KC, a well versed social worker who keeps sound knowledge on population, reproductive/family health care, gender and social inclusion. She has conducted various Workshops, Seminars, Trainings and Orientation Programs in the field of Population Education and Reproductive Health care for School Supervisors, School Head Masters and Teachers at regional and district levels.

Ms. KC possesses a series of working experience in Women Development Organization- 'Aama Milan Kendra', Nepal Oil Corporation, Population and Education unit etc. She has served Women Development Organization as a treasurer from April 1992 to 1995, as an Asst. Manger (Grade Level VI) in Nepal Oil Corporation from March 1990 to April 1992, as a Training Officer in the Ministry of Education Curriculum Development Centre of Population Education Unit from 1995 to 2000, and as a Program Manager, Program Coordinator and Training Manager in 'Aama Milan Kendra' from June 2003 to till now. She has equally been associated in Women Act's various trainings, Workshops and discussion sessions in the districts. She has been playing a key role as a Moderator to conduct the Town Hall Meetings (THM), The Asia Foundation (TAF) funded programs on various draft bills discussion in the districts among the local youths and women who are providing their recommendations for the amendments in the discussed bills.


Ms. Dhana Lama

Bachelor's degree of Arts & humanities
30 years experience in radio journalism (Radio Nepal)

Ms. Lama is an expert who has specialized in the Radio Program production for years. She has also participated in the 'Managerial Skill Development Training' at Nepal Administrative College. She has also gone through various workshops on different national and international level. 'South Asian Sub Regional Women's Seminar' in Kandy, Sirlanka, 'Seminar on impact of technological changes on Women Employment held in Sirlanka, 'Workshop for women's Activities, in Malaysia, 'World Congress Conference' in Berlin, Germany, '20th SAARC Audio Visual Exchange Program' in Dhaka, 'Workshop on knowing about China' organized by CAFIU and ' World Congress Conference' in Beijing are the major international programs she participated internationally.

Working experience on Radio Nepal as a Presenter from 1970 to 2006, Nepal Film Corporation as a commentator from 1979 to 1991 and Nepal Bank Limited as an Officer from 1975 to 1978 are other important assets that have always induced her performing better in every field.

Presently, she is also associated as an Active Member with 'Sancharika Samuha', a Journalist Women's news forum.



Ms. Shanti Mahato
Executive Member

Inter Mediate in Arts and Humanities
10 years experience in the field of women inclusion especially in the Terai region of Nepal

Ms. Mahato is a dedicated social worker and has been working in this field for more than a decade. On the other, she strongly believes in yoga Meditation and presently promoting yoga practices in the different places of the country since 2008. Working Experience in 'Madheshi Mahila Samaj', 'Pitanjili Yog Pith', 'Maithail Samaj', 'Samuhik Bachat Kosh', 'Madheshi Maitri Kendra', 'Lion's Club of Shantinagar' and 'Mahila Srijana Samaj', has helped her groomed for serving the communities in many ways. Worked as a Chairperson in Madheshi Mahila Samaj from 2063 to 2062, as a Treasurer in Pitanjili Yog Pith from 2066 to till now, as a Voice Chairperson in Maithail Samaj from 2057 to 2062, as an Executive Member in Samuhik Bachat Kosh, as a Secretary in Madheshi Maitri Kendra, as a Public Relation Officer in Lion's Club and as a Secretary in Mahila Srijana Samaj has strengthened her skills to work in any hardship and conditions. Ms. Mahato has been engaged as a Moderator for The Asia Foundation (TAF) funded program "Town Hall Meeting (THM) for the legislative dialogues" with the local youths and women in the districts for collecting their recommendations on behalf of the draft bills and involving them in the law making process in Nepal.


Ms. Vijaya Baidhya
Executive Member

Masters Degree in Arts and Humanities
30 years experience in Business & Professional Women's Group/FNCCI

Ms. Vaidya is an expert and specialized on export promotion activities of Nepal Organization. She equally possesses a strong sense of management and coordination skill of Nepal's Single Trade Fair in abroad as well as she has participated in Nepal's national and international trade fair, exhibition and World Exposition from Nepal side. Starting her career as an officer in this field, Ms. Baidhya has established herself as a Joint Director through her three decades long experience working for the Trade Promotion Centre/ Trade and Export Promotion Centre in Nepal.

Working as a special officer for the organization, management and coordination for 10th SAARC Trade Fair held in Kathmandu, she is also associated in the Coordination and Steering Committee of World Expo. Request for the preparation of proposal for official organizer of Nepal's participation in Expo 2012, Yeosu, Korea, covering ToR, Ms. Baidhya has made her contribution in selecting the organizer, preparation of technical and financial proposals, evaluation criteria format etc.

She has been abroad many times and coordinated Nepal's participation as a Stand Director and Coordinator in international trade fair held in Berlin (German Republic), New Delhi (India), Lhasa (Autonomous region of PR China), Karachi (Pakistan), and Dhaka (Bangladesh) and so on. Her important participation in the various international Board Meetings, workshops, seminars and training programs on trade and trade related activities in Beijing(PR China), Amsterdam (The Netherland), Singapore, Bangkok and Chinghai ( Thailand), Seoul ( Korea Republic), New Delhi ( India) has added valuable inputs for the successful completion and overwhelming results for the welfare of the country and of the people.

Ms. Saraswati Chaudhary
Executive Member

Intermediate in Arts and Humanity
8 years experience in working for the welfare of tharu women (indigenous community in Nepal)

Ms. Chaudhary is a pioneer in the field of welfare and empowerment of women from Tharu Community which is an indigenous and traditional community in Nepal. Working as a President of Tharu Woman Society since 2004 to till date, Ms. Chaudhary has gained a series of experiences for fighting against all violation of rights of women. As a Member of 'Forum for women's law and development' and Central Member of 'Tharu welfare Assembly', she has been more experienced to study this community and raise voice for their empowerment and roles in the development process of Nepal. She has also participated various trainings and workshops i.e. 'Human rights violation monitoring and reporting skills', organized by ILHS and OHCHR, 'Conservation of environment' organized by Nepal Bar Association, Kathmandu, 'Training of Trainers, organized by Women Act and Human Rights, 'Training on domestic violence and human rights', organized by Human Rights, 'Workshop on global warming and environment changes ' organized by department of forestry and environment, 'Workshop cum Training on constitution building process through constitution Assembly in Nepal', organized by UN Constitution support committee and 'Training on gender equality ', organized by Forum for women's law and development etc.

Ms. Janaki Shah
Executive Member

Bachelor's Degree in Arts
25 years experience in hospitality management

Ms. Shah is a social worker and had started her career in the Hospitality Industry from 1979 and served this industry for about 25 years. She switched her career in the social field and started working for TEWA, a social organization initiated by the women as a coordinator since 2004.

She has a series of national/ International meetings, workshops and conferences representing Tewa and travelled to various countries sharing and learning with other women funded organizations internationally by educating donor communities and fundraising locally. While working in Tewa, nominated as Vice Chair of International network of women's fund (INWF) for 2 years' term and currently involved in Tewa as a General Member since 2011.

In addition, she has established a social organization Sewa Kendra, a Day Care Centre for the senior citizens with the socially active members of the society in December, 2011. This Sewa Kendra is addressing the increasing need in our society for the care and support of seniors whose families are challenged in maintaining a level of security and independence.


Ms. Indra Kumari Gurung
Executive Member

Bachelor's Degree in Education
About 35 years of experience in women development (Ex. Women Development Officer in Nepal Govt.)

Ms. Gurung is all round gender and rural development specialist with her 25 years experience has groomed her as a women development officer in Nepal government from 1982 to 1989 in Dhading district and a women development program officer from 1989 to 1992 in Kathmandu. Likewise; Ms. Gurung is a good Trainer cum Moderator and an English teacher as well. She has taken many responsibilities in the social fields like a president of WAVE Nepal, a chairperson of Kwone Gurung Samaj, a board member of Skill Share Nepal, a Chairperson of Dibya Dristi Co-operative Ltd., a Chairperson of WAVE (Women Awareness Vision Centre), a Board Member of Pokhareli Didi Bahini Samuha and NEPAL Life Member STEP-Nepal. Her social careers in various field in Nepal between 2015 and 1981 has made her an experienced, skilled and qualified woman to dedicate herself in such social campaigns


Ms. Sukmaya Bohara
Executive Member

Master's Degree in Home Science
More than 30 years experience in Training Development and management in Nepal Govt.
anization: Vice President of Ishtri Shakti

Ms. Bohara comes from a long and appreciative experience from various social fields. She is an expertise in training programs, coordinating and conducting research, developing communication materials for Gender issues and has been providing consultancy services.

She has been involved as a President for a social organization called Shtri Shakti and working as an Independent Consultant in the field of training since 2004. In the same year, she retired as an Assistant Director of Studies from Women Development Training Centre (WDTC) of Local Development training Academy (LDTA). After working in various positions of responsibility such as an instructor in WTDC, a communication program officer in Population Education Project, a communication officer in Training and Material Production Centre and a training and research officer in LDTD. Her guidance and inspiration as an executive member to Women Act have been a great asset to develop and groom as a good organization in Nepal.


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