About WA

About WA

Though a democratic country, Nepal has been lacking behind in terms of rights and freedom for women and girls. Women are discriminated on various grounds. As such, to uplift the standard of Nepalese women by highlighting the issues of women’s identity and dignity, Women Act (WA) came as a loose network in 2007.  However; it was duly registered in 2011 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working to raise voice for the issues of women's rights, gender equality and leadership enhancement. WA has been active since its establishment involving 35 other NGOs' networks which are also working for the upliftment of Nepalese women and girls from all walks of life. WA consists of a dedicated, professional and socially affiliated board of nine women who come from different social backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, and do understand better the social, economic and cultural values of Nepalese women in Nepal. Likewise; it has a dedicated team for actions to implement the social activities in a planned and strategic way.

The most praiseworthy and noticeable strength of WA is its well established existing grass root social nationwide networks that built during 2009-2015 among the CBO's, NGO's, GO's and other stakeholders throughout the communities in more than 37 districts from all regions of Nepal while carrying out the Town Hall Meetings supported by The Asia Foundation (TAF) to collect public recommendations for the draft bills discussed in the session. WA feels great that it has been involving local women and youth from various districts in the law making process in Nepal. In the mean time, WA discourses the public recommendations with the CA Members from different political parties to raise their voice in the parliament discussion.

Our Vision
Nepalese women and youths have inherited skills and resources, opportunities to access their secured livelihood, dignified life-styles and equal respect

Our Mission
Leading the women and youths in Nepal towards social, political and economic empowerment through various activities on behalf of their rights, equality and leadership

Recent Events
 WA continues relief support in the affected areas. WA continues relief support in the affected areas.

Posted Date: 2015-05-31

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Success Stories
national Successful stories from Round Table Discussions (RTD's) & Sharing & Dissemination of Public Recommendations (SDPR's)

Posted Date: 2015-09-14

After series of Town Hall Meetings (THM's) completed in 23 districts of Nepal, Women Act (WA) organized Round Table Discussions (RTD's) and Sharing & Dissemination of Public Recommendations (SD...

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Women Act (WA)
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