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Srijana Adhikari

Board of Directors

Ms. Adhikari is a youth social activist and has been working for the women's right and empowerment and the youth activism for the last 15 years. She had worked as a consultant for CEDPA Nepal for years. In the mean time she organized workshops on 'What to expect' and 'Women and constitution making process for the upcoming constitution' which induced her to form Women Act (WA) as a loose network of 35 other women headed social organizations. In course of continuous campaigns and programs on behalf of the women in Nepal, she felt a need to establish it as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) which is now emerged as Women Act in the present context.


During her participation in various National & International workshops, trainings and conferences, she has been to Portugal, USA, England, France, Germany, Austria, Burma, Spain, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Thailand, China, Philippines, Singapore, Holland and India.

Her most appreciative visit to the US as representing Nepal for I.V.P program of the American Government's training- 'Women Led' organized by CEDPA in 2004. In 2006, she also got an opportunity to represent as a South Asian Student for participating in the donors' conference meeting in the UK organized by DFID. She has made a state visit to China to observe the World Trade Expo in China in 2011 and helped Women Act introduced in the international communities as well.