core value

WA’s values are based on the belief that, for Nepal to become a more democratic and resilient society, it must give women, and those who come from marginalized groups equal access to resources and decision-making opportunities. Hence, gender equality and social inclusion is fundamental in achieving good governance, economic growth, and development of this country.


Values of WA

=>  We are committed to promote gender equality and empowerment of women

=>  We are committed in removing barriers that prevent full participation of women

=>  We are committed to promote full and equal access to social services, education, legal and health-care services, economic opportunities

      and decent work, for all Nepalese, especially women, youths and marginalized groups, they need our support to recognize their rights,

      achieve their basic needs; and ensure their participation in the elaboration and implementation of policies that effect their development,

      with full respect for their cultures, traditions and social norms

=>  We are committed to work with marginalized communities, improve their lives, alleviate their suffering and develop a vision for change

      that will make a meaningful difference in their lives

=>  We consider partnership as one of our key organizing principle, we are, therefore, committed to developing, maintaining and nurturing

      partnerships, including alliance and linkages- with institutions and individuals who identify our vision and mission.