• TOT on GESI & Leadership Development for Local Women Representatives
    Capacity Building of Elected Women Representatives
  • National Seminar on the Role of the Private Sector for Women's Economic Empowerment in Nepal
    Private Sector Partnership for Gender Equality
  • Livelihood Support for Earthquake Victims
    Livelihood Support
  • Advocacy for Equality and Inclusion
    National Conference on GESI


We are a national level, non-profit making, non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2007 as a network of 35 other NGOs' and women networks to address gender inequality and for the empowerment of women, girls, youths and marginalized population. We believe that, for Nepal to become a more democratic and resilient society, it must give women, and those who come from historically marginalized groups equal access to resources and decision-making opportunities. Hence, gender equality and social inclusion is fundamental in achieving good governance, economic growth, and development of this country. We feel proud that we have been involving women, youth and marginalized communities from various districts in the law-making processes in Nepal.

What We Do

We work for women, girls, youths and other marginalized population to empower them economically, socially and politically through advocacy, sensitization and lobbying for policy making to build an inclusive just society.